Flapdoodle Dinghy
What people say about the plans and the boat:

(DE) [The first video sent by a Flapdoodle builder sailing. here]  "It got rather fast when once wind appeared. It followed any movement of the rudder very fast and directly and on a small circle. It was easy to keep upright."

(CA) "Received both plans. They are great. I was a bit leery about spending so much on just plans but they are well worth the money. I am defiantly going to build the FD along with extras like the weedeater engine. I have joined the yahoo group so you'll probably be hearing from me there."

(AU) "In relation to boat wake, there is minimal amount due to the "high" buoyancy and balance of the boat. With 30 kgs of boat and 85 kg of me there is 115 kg of mass so a displacement of more or less 115 litres or 0.12 cubic metres. With about an in line water line of 2 metres this means an average boat draft of 60 to 70 mm or about 50 mm at the sides and this can be confirmed in the photos I have posted. With the front clear of the water and the rear just at the surface while in the rowing position the boat is perfectly balanced (follow the dimensions in the plans fellow boat builders!!!) and draws only 50 mm of water at the edges so there is going to be nearly no wake at all. Even with 30 lbs of electric thrust and battery on board there is virtually no wake. Quite remarkable really and due to the boat dimensions and seating position. The big upside to this is the ease of rowing and the boats ability to handle a chop. It does handle a bit like a skiff really and benefits from additional weight low down along the keel line in "rougher" weather as buoyancy is not a problem."

(AU) "Good boating, and hope yours floats as well as mine does, it's just great and all praises must go to the designer."

(AU) "This looks like it will be fun to build!"

(UK) "Many thanks Bill, It all looks very thorough and well-worked-out!"

(US)  "The locking mechanism for the transom is really a clever idea."

(US)  "Thanks for providing this design.  For years I've admired the Seahopper / Kontender and wished they would release plans.  Even considered reverse-engineering it myself, but didn't have the time.  Now I don't have to!"

(US)   'I really like your boat; it is the closest I have ever seen a folding boat come to a "real" boat.' (UK)  "The text is a model of clarity ! Keep up the good work.

(US) "Wow. I think this is what I have been looking for."

(US)  "Received the file and have already printed it out. I can't wait to take the time to read and understand all you you have done with these plans.   It looks like an amazing project."

(UK) 'I think that if Flapdoodle was made as a "stitch and tape" it would be quite an attractive boat.'
[That is something I too have considered, but not yet tried.]

(US)  "It has possibilities as a micro-cruiser."

(CA)  "I received the Flapdoodle plans and am pleased. I've been looking for a folding dinghy for a while and couldn't justify the cost of a Seahopper or whatever they are calling them now."

(US) "You have done an excellent job with both the design and the documentation (I'm a retired airline type - we live by manuals!) They certainly have value to warrant the current price."

(UK)  "These are really excellent and inspiring plans. I have to say the quality of your support and the standard of the documentation that you send out makes the Flapdoodle plans the best investment I've made in a very long time."

(RU) "Plans have arrived. I have not looked into the contents in detail, but archives unpack and it all looks great! Thanks a lot! I stumbled upon your website while googling for folding boat plans and immediately liked what I saw.. Now I have something to keep me busy when the winter comes!"

(UK)  "Many thanks – a great design and a brilliant plan delivery system!"

Where Flapdoodles are being built. 

Abu Dhabi
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Lesser Antilles
New Zealand
South Africa

Eight Flapdoodle builders are ladies.

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