Flapdoodle Dinghy


You really CAN have it your way.

Wheel Designed after 6 years of research and testing to be as simple, rugged, and painless as possible. I will not claim this is an easy boat to build, but I made sure it could be built totally by one person with no assistance at any point. Every step will most likely be fun if you enjoy building things.

Anchor New  Even easier to build, plus many more building options.
AnchorThe classic hull shape leaves hardly a ripple at 5-6 knots with a 420 pound test load.
AnchorMetal hinges or chose a stitched hinge, plus rugged PVC cloth laminated to Dacron. 
Anchor The PVC hinge fabric is readily available in any color including metallic and wood grain.
Anchor Unique positive locking system joins the transom, skeg, and rear seat into a solid unit.
Anchor New a similar system locks the stem to the foredeck on the Flapdoodle III (included).
Anchor Solid center seat or a super light weight web seat (do both if you like).
Anchor The dagger board box is tilted 15 to the rear to prevent scooping water under power.
Anchor Convenient, inexpensive wheeled skeg.
Anchor No special tools are required to build the Flapdoodle.
Anchor No need to build a form to shape the hull.
Anchor No special things to order.
Anchor Folds to about 4 1/2" (11.4cm) thick.
Anchor Light enough to carry the folded part under one arm. 
Anchor Length 7'10" (2.4m), Depth 16 1/2" (42cm), Beam 47 1/2" (120cm)
     (Some builders make theirs wider and higher by adding 4 inches to each panel)

Wheel Modular design can be repaired, modified, or customized easily.
AnchorDaggerboard or leeboard.
Anchor Change the seat or deck width, or shape.
Anchor Go for full-featured, or light and simple. (you can add to it later)
Anchor Several mast, sail and rigging options included.
Anchor New stem design allows mast socket to use zero space when mast is removed.
Anchor Need an open hull sometimes? It converts in a few minutes. Maybe build a microcruiser?
     You are only limited by your imagination.